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We bring you:

BMW & Porsche track days
eMotorsport simulator events and competition
Operate a competitive simulator team
Manage promising drivers
Compete ourselves in various disciplines
Love and own a fleet of rare classic cars

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Sontek Racing Event Calendar

Watch this space for the full season calendar of Sontek Racing
  1. 26.-28.5.2023 Oschersleben

    2023 ADAC GT4 Germany

    ADAC GT4 Germany Season start. Sami-Matti Trogen and Enzo Joulié compete in the action packed series for Walkenhorst Motorsports. The race weekend includes two races.

    - 27.5. P2
    - 28.5. P5

  2. 2.6.2023 @1800 9XX Garage (Hankasuontie 5, Helsinki)

    Pizza and Cars

    eSports Special

    The second Pizza & Cars of the year will be held with the E-Sports theme!
    Come and drive a real eMotorsports simulators and feast your eyes on some eye-candy cars.
    This is made possible by:
    9xx, OverPower, Mad for cars, Guido's Pizza and Sontek Racing.  

  3. 5.6.2023 KymiRing

    Sontek Racing track day

    The final tests and "shakedowns" before the FTC and Endurance Cup 10.-11.6. @ Botnia Ring.

  4. 10.-11.6.2023 Botnia ring

    Endurance Cup 2023

  5. 9.7.2023 Kemora

    Endurance Cup & Finnish Track Championship

  6. 12.-13.8.2023 Motopark

    Endurance Cup

  7. 26.8.2023 Kemora

    Endurance Cup

  8. 30.9.-1.10.2023 Alastaro

    Endurance Cup & Finnish Track Championships


Sontek Racing Drivers

Sami-Matti Trogen kuva
Sami-Matti Trogen





Matti Sipilä


"Sontek Racing respects the green values. That's why we use carbon neutral fuels whenever possible"

Petri Kiikka
CEO, Historic and Endurance driver