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Embark on an unforgettable track racing adventure and enjoy the enchantment of the Finnish midnight sun. The venue for your adrenaline rush is picked from the top motorsport circuits in Finland. This exclusive package is designed for the seekers of unforgettable experiences that exceeds the ordinary.

The heart of the experience is naturally the thrill of track racing, which is conducted under the watchful eye of our professional racing coaches. Our main fleet consists of freshly built (during the winter of 23-24) BMW 325i E90 Baltic Touring Car Championship specification cars that are more than capable. Feel the thrill of acceleration, the g-forces in braking and cornering in your gut while pushing the limits. All of it will be captured by our professional cameramen and blended with the high-resolution footage from our in-car cameras.
Throughout the experience, expect to be treated with exceptional hospitality. Our attentive staff will ensure your every need is met, creating an experience that will be remembered. 


DAY 1: Arrival and orientation

Upon arrival to the Helsinki Airport, your group will be transported to the hand picked accomondation by a helicopter or a VIP bus. As you settle into your comfortable accommodations, you'll receive your comprehensive information and hospitality package, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

The preparation for the racing experience starts with a briefing of the essential rules and regulations to ensure everyone’s safety. This is followed by a simulator session, which tells you the proper driving lines and corner apexes, as well as the braking spots and right gears to use. The coaches are there to answer all your questions and to provide tips and tricks to shave off seconds from your lap times. The first day is wrapped up with dinner. Feel free to enjoy the midnight sun before turning in.




Day 2: Briefing, training, and the race

The day starts with a full breakfast to ensure you are fueled up for the experience. You’ll be fitted into the racing gear and briefed on the proper use of safety equipment and conduct on possible scenarios you may encounter while on the track. The preparation training is conducted on simulators.

After lunch the first group hits the track for a training session and second group will follow after the cars have been checked. The track training sessions are followed by individually timed “qualification” laps to determine the driving order for the race. The race is conducted as an individual time-attack, where each driver competes against their best lap-time. The results are made available immediately after the race and followed by the podium ceremonies. The track day is concluded by an “after race” sauna and a dinner.

Optionally, we can also offer a “Race taxi” service, where you can experience the speed on a hyper car driven by a professional race driver. If that is not enough we can arrange an array of cars for you to drive yourself.



Day 3: Recap of your experience

The day starts with a full breakfast and an analysis of your drive given by our coaches. We’ll go over the highlights and relive the most thrilling bits of your experience. Our time together comes to conclusion after your trip back to the airport. You will receive access to a comprehensive media package including photos, videos, and analysis of your drive in few days.

Optionally, we can provide activities in Helsinki, such as “Helsinki from the sea by Red Rib”.


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