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Join the winning Sontek Racing team for the season of 2024. All you need is a racing mindset, a track license (we can help you to get it as well) and commitment to take part on our test and practice sessions and the races. Our professional team includes race winning cars and on-site mechanics to cater all the race needs and hospitality services to take care of the rest and your guests. 

We currently offer three cars for you to choose from:

Ford BOSS Mustang 1969, FIA Class G
Ford Falcon 1964, FIA Class F/A
Formula Ford Royale RP 26 1979, FIA Class FF/2B

Race and testing calendar
Date Location Activity
18.4.2024 Alastaro Team test day
19.-21.4.2024 Alastaro Track racing license run*
17.5-19.5.2024 Alastaro Race
12.7-14.7.2024 Botnia Ring Race
16.8-18.8.2024 Ahvenisto Race
6.9-8.9.2024 Kemora Race
    *at your own cost


Driver fees

The fee for 2024 season is 2310€ (incl. 10% vat), this includes:

- Five simulator training sessions during the spring 2024 at Sontek Racing Lounge
- Test days in Alastaro (18.4.)

Driving fees for the cars for each race /driver:

- Ford BOSS Mustang 1969, FIA Class G: 1980€ (incl. 10% vat)
- Ford Falcon 1964, FIA Class F/A: 1980€ (incl. 10% vat)
- Formula Ford Royale RP 26 1979, FIA Class FF/2B: 1320€ (incl. 10% vat)

Should you need to obtain track driving license, the total cost will be approx. 450€ (incl. 10% vat).


Sponsorship opportunity

You have an opportunity to boost your own business and finance your driving offering visibility to your partners and clients.

Sponsor/ Partner packages start as low as 1240€ (incl. 24% vat) for the whole season. This entitles sponsor visibility in team gear, cars, paddock facilities and all team communications.

About Sontek Racing

Sontek Racing is a race and event producer and an enabler of motorsport success, involved with E-, Historic- and Endurance Racing. Team of passionate car enthusiasts with deep roots in the world of racing. Our story began in 2023, when the Kiikka family turned their passion for motorsport into a full-fledged business.

Sontek Racing is committed to drive towards a more sustainable future for motorsport. We run our customer events on new biofuels minimising our environmental impact and we are constantly looking for new ways to make our operations greener. We also organize simulator events and track driving experiences for our customers using BMW 325i (E90, Baltic Touring Cup Car) and 944 Porsches. 

Contacts and more info

Fill in the form or or call +358 400 397 501

"Historic racing is the best opportunity to see loads of classic racing machines at once. I love it!"

Petri Kiikka
Historic Grand Race ja Endurance driver