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Kemora triple flip

Endurance Jun 11, 2024 11:38:27 AM Sontek Racing 1 min read

As already mentioned in the previous post, there was a bit more intense flip during Kemora's training session. We emphasised the importance of safety equipment then, and we are doing it again here. Check out the wild-looking video of what happened below.

So, what happened? In Kemora, there are some rough spots after the fast straight, that the driver hit and loosened the throttle a bit. This caused the rear tyres to run out of traction, causing the driver to make a countersteering maneuver a little too violently and made the driver a “passanger” as the car spun to a standstill.

As proof of working safety equipment and a well-built car, the driver survived completely without injury. The car will probably also be able to be repaired to race condition.

Sontek Racing is operating eight similar cars, so the race could be run normally despite this incident.

Sontek Racing