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Sontek Racing takes the podium 4 times in the Historic Race opener

Historic race May 21, 2024 10:58:58 AM Sontek Racing 2 min read

Sontek Racing takes the podium 4 times in the Historic Race opener

The 2024 season of Finland's largest asphalt track series, the Gulf Historic Race Cup, started on 18.5. Alastaro Circuit in Virttaa. In the toughest opening event of the season, the HRF Spring Challenge, 150 competitors competed in hot weather for positions in qualifying and in eighteen race starts.

Sotek Racing was represented by Jani Turunen (Historic F/A) and Jenni Silventoinen (Historic Formula D).

On Friday, training sessions were held, and the  cars were deemed race worthy for the weekend starts

Saturday started with qualifying, where Jenni finished 2nd and Jani took pole position 1.

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In the first race Jenni held 2nd place until she had to slow down and let her rival pass behind her, due to engine temp rising too high. However, Jenni finished third overall and second in her own class.  

Jani's first race start from pole brought victory both in his own class and in the entire start.

Sunday opened with warm-up laps. The team used this opportunity to find out the cause of the rise in Formula One temperatures. The fault was discovered and the mechanics were able to repair the device before the race start. 

Jenni's second race was a repeat of Saturday and ended up from grid 2, in 2nd place in her class and 3rd in the start. 

Jani reached the pole position again. Just before moving to the starting grid, a problem was noticed with the car's alternator. The mechanics worked their magic and Jani made it to the race.  Another class win for Jani and also a win for the whole start.

The weekend was warm and downright scorching on a Finnish scale. This, of course, tested both people and racers. The weekend was great and the importance of a competent team that plays well together was emphasized once again. 

Historical cars will return on 13.-14.7 at Jurvan Botniaring.

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