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Stellar debut for the Sontek Racing Esports team

iracing Sim Nov 16, 2023 10:32:28 AM Sontek Racing 1 min read

Double podium at FUJI 8HR and Sipilä qualifies to PESC.

Sontek Racing has been developing a tier one simulator team over the past few months. We’ve already taken part on some selected events with great results. We are now preparing for the season 2024 but will still participate on some special events before this season is over. The official team lineup for the season 2024 will be announced later, so watch this space. Here’s a summary of what we’ve accomplished so far.

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup
Matti Sipilä and Lassi Juurinen raced on the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup (PESC) Qualifying Series. 
This event consisted of six races, each giving points towards PESC contender series. There were quite a lot of contacts between the cars in these series. Unfortunately, Lassi received more than a fair share of this “demolition derby” and didn’t qualify for the PESC Contender series.
Matti completed the PESC Contender series successfully and qualified for the PESC championships next year.

ESL R1 Rennsport
Matti was loaned to Faze Clan to drive in ESL R1 Rennsport for the fall season. The team had solid performances throughout the season, but no significant successes. Matti

Coach Dave’s FUJI 8 HR
Sontek Racing took two cars out to FUJI 8HR iRacing special event last week with a double podium finish.
The first car was driven by Sami-Matti Trogen and Matti Sipilä and the second one was piloted by Lassi Juurinen and Jesse Hiiliaho. Sontek Racing formed an ingenious pit strategy that paid off in this 8h race. The strategy had one less pitstop than the other top teams and demanded the perfect balance between consistent speed and fuel saving. 
Sipilä/Trogen finished first and Juurinen/Hiiliaho third. This was an excellent debut for our team and placed us among the top tier teams leaving numerous well-known teams behind.

Sontek Racing