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The new AIM devices have arrived

AIM Endurance May 14, 2024 4:59:26 PM Sontek Racing 1 min read

Christmas came to Sontek Racing early as we received a box full of new "toys". 

These "toys" are AIM branded motorsport loggers and in-car cameras. The equipment is installed in all eight of our BMW 325i E90 vehicles based on Baltic Touring Car Champion (BaTCC) rules, five of which we organise customer events and three of which we compete in the national endurance racing series. 

These devices are used to analyze events while driving in detail and find those points where important seconds can still be squeezed. The cameras inside the car capture the entire driving scene and this leaves a nice memory for later viewing.

In addition, these devices increase safety and are mandatory inspection equipment in the BaTCC series, for example. Possible contact with other cars can be seen from the camera, so we no longer have to rely on our own memories. The displays on the loggers also warn automatically if, for example, the engine temperature gets too high.

The AIM equipment is supplied by SO Engineering

Stay tuned, the season is about to start and more updates from the world of Sontek Racing are on the way. Also, follow Sontek Racing on Instagram and thank you for being part of the Sontek Racing community! 🏁


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